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Many Wrecking Yards only have parts from dismantled vehicles. Other Car Part Shops only import from overseas. But here at New Zealand Car Parts Auckland we do both! And nor do we focus on just one make. This means you can get a much bigger range of parts for most Japanese & European vehicles.

Failed a WOF or had an accident we can supply you parts to solve your problem.

So whether you're after:

Body Panels * Lights * Mag Wheels * Seats * Glass * Engines * Gearboxes * Alternators * Starters * Distributors * Suspension * and more...

Call NZ Car Parts Auckland first! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will quickly respond to your call, source what you need, and can deliver nationwide overnight to get it to you asap.

Get it sorted now with New Zealand Car Parts Auckland!

"Auckland's Premier Parts Importer, Dismantler and Recycler"

We freight nation wide, just call and ask for a no obligation quote.