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Locating Year - Make - Model and Chassis number

For most enquries, all we need is: Year - Make - Model. All that info is on the windscreen rego: It will pay to say if it is a sedan, wagon or hatch 
as that may affect parts, particularly when looking for parts for the rear body of the vehicle.

The chassis number will help

Where a model changes in a particular year, we will need the chassis number to be sure we can find you an exact match.

That is part of a 17 letter code called the VIN or Chassis number. The VIN can stamped onto a strut, but is most likely a small panel riveted or stuck in one of 2 places:Riveted under the hood on the firewall, below the windscreen or stuck to the door frame near the drivers seat. Usually the chassis number is not labeled as such. No worries, if we are asking for the info and you have found the panel, we can tell you what to look for. Or copy down a few of the numbers and we may well pick out the important one. Here the number we want is DY3W. But 'LA-DY3W' would also work for us. (As would DY3W-117081)

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